Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Coupons for Sites I like!

Occasionally I will try to post as many (online) coupons as I can find for sites that I like.  Since my family and I have gotten into couponing--though not *extreme* couponing, by any means--I am always looking for better deals when I go shopping.  Especially if I am buying gifts for myself, like cosmetics or clothing. :D

Below are some direct links to discounts on some clothing, jewelry, cosmetics and home goods sites that I like.  Here are my descriptions/reviews of these sites:

Cosmetic America has tons of makeup and fragrance products, from high end to low end, and everything is always discounted ($53 for a $75 Christian Dior makeup palette?  Yes, please!)

Fragrance X has a kind of shady name, I admit, but it is a huge (completely legit and well-reviewed) website offering tons of makeup and perfume, at up to 80% off regular prices, and with special offers like free shipping.  It is by far the cheapest place to find my favorite fragrance, Creed's Virgin Island Water ($130 for a bottle that is at least $250 on every other site I checked!!).

Unbeatable Sale has literally everything, from toys, to jewelry, to fragrance, to home decor, to tools and more!  And the prices are wonderfully cheap.  I especially like the "shabby elegance" style furniture and home decor, but there are tons of things on this site I like.

Unique Vintage you may have heard of.  It is a wonderful and fun site featuring vintage-inspired dresses, clothing, jewelry, shoes and accessories, all at completely affordable prices.  I especially love their jewelry, and their glamourous and sexy pin-up style dresses.

Bare Minerals is definitely a very well-known brand, and also my favorite brand of mineral makeup.  All of their products feel luxe and are good for your skin.  Their foundation is the only foundation I can wear that will not break me out (in fact, maybe I'll do a review of favorite Bare Minerals products in another post).


Cosmetic America Coupons:

LANCOME Sale - 10% OFF
FreeShip on $70 order , Code : A369D
ELIZABETH ARDEN Sale - up to 70% OFF
CLARINS Sale - 10% OFF - $20 OFF on $200 order & FREE Shipping - Coupon: CMBF8
Fragrance X Coupon:
Perfume on Sale Free Shipping at
Unbeatable Sale Coupon:
210766_FREE SHIPPING on 90.000+ items at save 30-70% on toys, gifts, electronics & more
Unique Vintage Coupon:
500464_Shop Spring Essentials at! (Valid 3/1 - 6/1/12)
Bare Minerals Coupon:
Free Shipping on bareMinerals with $50 Order

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