Friday, March 9, 2012

Vintage-Inspired Lingerie!

I love the lines of vintage-style lingerie--high-waisted panties, bomb-shaped bras, wasp-y waist-cinchers and garter belts, and real nylons (no stretch) with seams up the back highlighting a woman's leg.  While early- and mid-century lingerie seeks to re-shape the female form, it also highlights parts of the flesh that are unfamiliar to us today, and very appealing.  For instance, the high-waisted panty hides the bottom portion of the abdomen that is displayed nowadays in low-cut thongs and bikinis, and creates a smooth line from the belly button down, and the top of the panty creates just the slightest indent in the flesh of the natural waist where the slimming panty meets with the uncovered tummy.  Then you add to this the full-coverage, bomb-shaped bra cups which reform the chest in a way that is both curvy and point-y simultaneously.  Altogether, the lower portion of the woman's body is highlighted, elongated, and cinched in, while her upper half is partially exposed and made pointy, presenting a very different image of the female form than what we might see in a Victoria's Secret ad.

Below are a few online sources for gorgeous, vintage-inspired lingerie:

Good Night Gilda

Good Night Gilda features luxury pieces that are not cheap (from $150 for bras to $260 for robes and teddies), but are definitely well-made and gorgeous.

Below is the description from their website:

good night gilda

GNG is a luxe lingerie line specializing in full cup sizes and fine sleepwear designed and produced locally in Los Angeles. The idea to satisfy the unfulfilled niche in lingerie that caters to bustier women came when Whitney Galitz, founder and CEO, was shopping for herself. As a full-cup customer, she never ceased to struggle when trying to find beautifully designed, sexy intimates that fit comfortably and looked incredible. So Good Night Gilda was born, a product line catering specifically to buxom women everywhere who have a personality and want to buy well-designed, high-end lingerie that has a personality too. The line includes vintage-inspired bras, foundation, and sleepwear, in a variety of styles and colors. All GNG garments are made with luxurious fabrics, quality trim, and above all, love!

What Katie Did

These retro-inspired pieces are more affordable, ranging from $50 for a bra to $300 for a leather corset.  Below is the description from their website:

Our SS12 lingerie and corset collection has just arrived and is ready to add some vintage Hollywood glamour to your your lingerie drawer!

Each piece of our lingerie has been designed by our all female design team to flatter your curves and give you a glamorous silver screen silhouette. 

As well as shopping online you can also visit our Hollywood store where you'll be expertly fitted.
Here at What Katie Did, our ethos is that vintage glamour should be effortless, and the same goes for shopping!

Below are some of their lovely pieces (and I love their Bettie Page and Marilyn Monroe look-a-like models):

Real nylons!!!!!!!!!!!  Non-stretch, with a Cuban heel and a seam up the back of the stocking.  Non-stretch nylons are amazing because they don't suck in any flesh at the top of your thigh like other, run-of-the-mill stretch thigh-highs (that often also have that uncomfortable band of plastic inside the top of the thigh to keep it from slipping--which creates that unseemly line of skin overhang at the top of the thigh-high).  Real nylons are beautiful, and require a real garter belt.  Sexy!

ModCloth offers not only retro-inspired lingerie, but also retro-inspired clothing and accessories (with styles replicating those of the 1940's through the 1960's, in addition to more modern-styled clothing).  The prices here are more affordable, similar to What Katie Did, with lingerie pieces ranging from around $50 to around $100.  Their site also features home goods, cute jewelry, shoes, and a page where you can vote on which clothing pieces should be put into production called, "Be The Buyer."

Here is some of their lovely retro-inspired lingerie:

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