Thursday, March 8, 2012

Etsy Beauty: Ladylike Accoutrements from Etsy!

I love the concept of Etsy: handmade and vintage items only.  There are so many amazing items on this site, and fabulous independent sellers just like you and me.  You can really find unique jewelry, home goods, artwork, antiques, even furniture!  Here are a few fabulous shops and finds:

Istanbuloya Shop:

Look at their dainty, crocheted necklaces and scarves:

 this dandelion-colored scarf wound around the head would look especially gorgeous on darker skin tones.


I adore this lovely "partridge in a pair tree" Italian tabletop candle holder:

TIP: If you search Etsy for "Italian Sconce," you will find many similar items to this candle holder, including wall-mounted sconces with lovely floral, bird, butterfly, leaf, and other details, painted in color.  So gorgeous, and perfect for eclectic, country cottage, or shabby chic, style home decor.
Jones Vintage Shop:

Who doesn't love a reasonably-priced, silk dress from the 1950's?  Show off your curves in a ladylike way:


And now for my obsession with vintage makeup compacts--of which Etsy has a lot.  I love beautiful, multifunctional little boxes, containers and compacts, and it's even more amazing when they contain the original cosmetics.  Makeup artist, Lisa Eldridge, has some fabulous videos about the history of makeup and vintage compacts:

You can also get lots of amazing books about the history of makeup and vintage compacts, including:



And now for vintage compacts you can buy on Etsy!  They are generally very affordable (between $10 and $45).  To find them, just search in "Vintage"-->"Vintage Compacts":




 Gorgeous compacts!!!

Below are Super Affordable Compacts From Target (click images to view items):


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