Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Crystal Renn: Body In Flux (i.e., Just Like You and Me)

I recently discovered 26-year-old, American-born model, Crystal Renn.  When I saw her, she was a fabulous "plus size" model--though who are we kidding, "plus size" in the fashion world equals healthy size, rather than the strict, anorectic-level BMI enforced by most fashion houses and modeling agencies.  Renn began in the industry as a young girl forced to lose so much weight that she became anorexic.  She later allowed herself to reach a healthy weight and re-branded herself as a "plus size" model.  She wrote a book about her experiences in the modeling industry, her struggles with eating disorders and weight loss, and her self-acceptance as a healthier-sized woman:


Renn was criticized for her recent weight loss and re-entry into "straight size" modeling.  The reason I like Renn so much is that she represents what we all go through--difficulties with self-acceptance, and possession of an ever-changing body that is sometimes more healthy than other times, a body which we allow ourselves to love sometimes more than other times.

Renn is uniquely beautiful, in all of her incarnations and bodily phases:

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